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Originally Posted by Treppiede View Post
We're brainstorming on a way to retrofit a dipstick on the N54 (link).

Would any of you be kind enough to do the following?
  • Take a picture of your engine bay
  • Take a picture of the spot where the oil dipstick mounts on the block
We'd be very grateful.


how would you cost effectively install a dipstick on a non-dip stick car.. short of dropping the oil pan, lowering the crank and popping out the mains to make sure you get no filing in there. drilling the block (which by the way will alter the structural integrity of the lower end) -- and installing a compression fit tube??? plus deal with the serious blowby issue that exist with this engine.

I know there are other F/I engines out there, so its not impossible, but will it be affordable, or practical?

not to be a kill-joy .. but what gives??