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Originally Posted by Yahoo View Post
If you do have the catch can done along with engine flush etc. I would also ask for your intercooler and IC piping taken off and flushed also. This is where a lot of oil will have collected and may well be having a detrimental effect on your cooling system - particularly after 50k miles.

Ordering the catch can today so will hopefully have it fitted very soon. I’ve decided against the engine flush as its running well and I don’t want to dislodge anything that might cause me issues.

I'm now changing the oil every 5k and combining this with the catch can I rekon I’ll be covered for sludge or carbon build up. I also rekon that after a few more 5k oil changes it should have gradually cleared out most of the crap that’s gone in over the past 50k.

I'll definitely mention the flush of the intercooler and pipes when i fit the catch can, sounds sensible to me!!

As far as the oil goes my car is a 56 so is out of its warranty anyway, Apparently this oil will give me better protection during higher temps and will be dumped every 5k so i guess it doesn't need to have a great deal of longevity.Tony & Mike are using this oil which is good enough recommendation for me.

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