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Hi, first of all, which system did you buy?

Originally Posted by scottp999 View Post
I think he is talking about the veritcal part of the aero lip. Because of the angle, the heads will be protruding slighlty (looking top down). The further out they are the better for more angled shots.

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My encounters with laser have always been with the gun head on, and on a long flat part of the road, so I have not seen a situation where low mount will hurt too much.
You ever been hit from behind? IIRC, kits come with two heads, and you buy extra heads individually. So would one be enough in the rear or might as well do two or nothing?

Originally Posted by scottp999 View Post
The manufacturer says not to mount the heads behind anything, so I'm really not too keen on mounting behind the grill. Veritcal they say is ok, but the slats in the grill are not perpendicular to the road, so I don't know what that will do to the laser coverage being emitted from the laser diode in the head, and it's ability to jam the gun. Only one way to find out is testing.
Why does it matter if the slats aren't perpendicular to the road? The head should fit in between the slats, where you can angle it how you'd like, the way tambourine did?