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Originally Posted by misterS3 View Post
And here was me thinking my next car was going to be fully loaded, but omitted the towbar, could only get one of the audio systems, couldn't get comfort AND sport seats,... missed out the bit of the heads up display that tells you what the speed limit is...erm..the universal remote control (which doesn't work).....oscillating seat, ventilated seat (not available with sports), the rear blinds..the powered fact if anyone got a full loaded BMW they need their head checked!! lol
Oo silly me, was enjoying all the off-topic convo and missed your silly little pedantic dig. Trouble with working away is you always miss the good stuff when reading on the phone!

I'd say most people with a marginal amount of common sense would realise that by ticking an upgrade option it removes the standard item, not to mention the several other things you managed to scrape up to try and make your post look more involved. Of the rest though, rear blinds probably would be on a 'fully loaded' car like an e91 for example, yes, but I'd see towbars as an accessory not an upgrade personally. Perhaps my generalisation wasn't specific enough for some, I'd have gone into detail if I'd known we were comparing notes..

Do give me a shout if you want a hand speccing your next fully loaded car though, happy to help!

Matt - Quality post. We're generally told to keep our ITT responses below 50 pages though, so I'm envious of your record!