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Originally Posted by bdardashti View Post
Looks very nice especially after the body shop did it!

Do you know if this is something that's east to remove without leaving marks? I'm asking since my car is a lease and I'd need to return it without the parts.

And if you don't mind, how much did the install run you?
Since these don't need any modification to it, the install ran me $150 and i paid cash for it. Some shops may charge cheaper maybe $100 because my guy insisted on removing my front bumper so he can get at it at a good angle.

My guy used Betalink and i know that stuff is quite permanet but you can remove it with goo-gone.

My car's a lease too and i plan to return it to them like this. they won't mind because they will think its the real BMW accessory. Its the replica of their performance splitters anyway haha.

If you insist, they can be installed with double sided tape too, no problem just that there may be a hair of a gap because the tape has thickness. also, someone reported their splitter fell off with tape because of the heat and humidity in Shanghai making his splitter come loose...good thing he had screws on.

Originally Posted by uweric5985 View Post
This is really awesome, color matches prefectly from the picture.

Any extra cost for the paint?
yeah much better than the last pair! i'd say its a 95% match. No extra cost for painting! you can get it for under $200 from JB

Originally Posted by SteveMD View Post
How much for a painted pair?
under $200 for a good price tell him you read my review
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