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PhiL -pure genius!

Something very wrong on this forum that occasionally flares up - no problem everyone slating me/my car until the cows come home, a HUGE problem if I suggest I don't like a certain model/type/option.

Now step back people, take a look at what you are writing, see if you think you are being fair and come back.

Do you honestly think, for example, that I think all M Sported BMW owners are lardy? Are you actually taking that seriously? Maybe just a wee little pi55 take? Do you honestly not realise I am forcefully stating OPINIONS and that I like pretty much every 3 series BMW (okay a "fully loaded 318d M Sport is pushing it)? Do you guys really think you are fine to be a little nasty and personal but as soon as I dish it back out, you get all stroppy or even worse, hyper pedantic?

Come on - this is a forum on the internet. It's a very very useful one and usually used in good spirits. But there's a bit of a core group that don't quite "get it" and need to resort to being complete muppets to make up for their lack of understanding.

Off for a fortnight - have fun.

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