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Can't win. Received the following PM.

Originally Posted by 335diesel
Why do I get flack ALL the time about MY choice of car.

I don't claim everyone with M Sport/whatever is an idiot - I make it clear I didn't want those options but many do yet get lambasted almost non stop for daring not to want those "essentials."

So when I defend my decisions, uppity members like you get all narky yet you seem to like nothing more than a snidey dig at me.

So what's it to be - do you not care? If so why do you bother sniping all the time? You can't have it both ways.

It just about sums up your average BMW owner - did they buy it because it drives well, has a lot of oomph, handles well etc or to pointlessly spec it up like an S Class Merc?

I'm beginning to think it's the latter.

Anyway I'm sure you'll print this PM and have another laugh while claiming "not to care."

For the record I've never said a thing against you or your car before my comment above. Who gives you flack about your choice of car? Can you give me one example of a comment that's been made against your car without you first provoking the situation?

I think the problem is quite the reverse of what you're claiming. You make digs ALL THE TIME about people having wheels larger than 17", or wanting iDrive, proclaiming the cubby-hole that exists if you don't have iDrive as the second coming and God forbid that someone buys an M-Sport.

We all know how practical your car is and how great it is to go surfing everyday and be as fit as a fiddle. How good the ride is in an SE on 17" wheels compared to my heap of shit E92 on 19" and RFT. We all know that if you had wanted you cuold easily have bought an M-Sport with iDrive and bigger wheels but you decided that it wasn't what you wanted.

Why go on and on about it? Are you trying to justify your purchase to yourself?

Why can't you just enjoy your car for what it is (and is not) and let others do the same. Go and enjoy a bit of quiet appreciation.