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Indeed - I don't recall anyone criticising your [335diesel] car at all. It may have been said that iDrive is "essential" for resale value on a 335 but you've countered that by saying that does not matter to you as you plan to hang on to it, so that's fair enough - but it's not a criticism of your car.

On the other hand you've been plenty critical of others.

Mine, for example, sends you into apoplexy - an M-Sport with a four-pot engine and 19" wheels. Does what I need perfectly well. With what I've learned in ownership, and having previously had two six-pots, I probably would not choose a four-pot next time and I certainly wouldn't go for 19" wheels. Does that make it a bad car compared to yours or anyone elses? Nope.

Your own personal preferences and requirements are just that - personal - but there is no need to scoff at other peoples' purchases in which they may have made a significant investment.

But we've been here before, I believe.
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