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Originally Posted by LeMansDinan View Post

I'm pretty sure we were at Monticello together in June. My kid took pictures, and I have some of your car (match your avatar).

Anyway, I have never gone past 245-250 degrees on the oil temp with my Dinan package. Even with the stage 2 turbo upgrade, the bigger oil cooler has made all of the difference. Through 8 track days this year, I haven't once gone into limp mode.

If you want some pictures (if Mike didn't send them already) or you want to chat about Dinan upgrades let me know via PM/email.

Hey Tom,
yep, that was me. Are you referring to the VK cooler? Glad to see you've been enjoying limp-mode-free track days.

I had no problems in Monticello in June and from my videos it seems I hit no more than 260 there (1 tick over mid), but from what I recall ambient temps were relatively cool both days. I started having limp mode probs in July when temps hit 95F+. PCA packs 6 x 25min sessions in one day and my oil temps were not dropping fast enough between sessions. I was starting at 230, jump to 270-280 within a few laps and then downhill to 300F from there.

I'm running with PCA in Thunderbolt next Friday and I'm back in Monticello with Patroon on Monday in case you're planning to attend either of these, come by and say hi!