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LED H7 Bulbs in E90 halogens

Im Canadian so I cant delete my DRLs on the stalk and I havent had any luck having someone reprogram the ECU. I have the vista harness so my car looks 'different' during the daytime (see pic). But id really like to run just the halos.

I know im reaching, but Ive decided to get a H7 led bulb that is a bit dimmer and would allow my halos to come through a bit more. I also ordered lux 5.1 to go along with this setup. So I got LED lights with these parameters:
H7 6W 12V 190-LM 18x5050 SMD LED Car White Light Bulb

If anyone with electrical knowledge could chime in I would appreciate it. Im not sure if these will throw computer errors but id like to know if they do before i install them. Ive got some experience with resistors and the like but Im holding out for an expert opinion.
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