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Originally Posted by BuLoOoSki View Post
Hey there,
Congrats on the car, by any chance is your car a US import that has a sapphire black exterior and red interior? 18 inch rims? Could this be the car by any chance?

I'm only asking because I sold my car 3 months ago and I heard that the guy who bought it had it up for sale. I sold my car with the same mods you mentioned and its also a 2007 E92 that why I'm wondering. If it is, you might be happy to know of a mod that is also on the car that you probably don't know about It's called LSD.

Btw, I also have a couple of mods from before that are for sale, exhaust, downpipe, and JB3 2.0.

Q8-tii is also a friend of mine (shlonek jasem ), we can meet up if you want and talk about the 335, getting parts and good shops. PM me your number
LOL... yeah that's my car alright!!! I'm totally thrilled to hear it's got LSD!!! I'd love to hear anything else you know about the car, as I'm starting to think I may not have gotten the compete story on it. I'm going on holiday for two weeks starting tonight, but I'll PM you guys when I get back. I'm looking forward to meeting some other car guys here in Kuwait!