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What a bad month for my ride!!!

So first....fix it ticket for not front license plate. On the ticket that the officer gave me, it said I had until 3/15 to fix it and pay the $10 fine, so I thought, no biggy, just attach it on, show it to a cop, get it signed off, then take it off again. My mistake was I waited too long. I get a letter in the mail saying that the last day to actually get it signed off was beginning of March, and the 15th was the last day bring the ticket to court to show them. Ah well, $120 fine.

Next, SFO parking lot. At the entrance where you get the parking ticket, I didn't see that the island curbs where the ticket machines are located juts out so much, and you have to turn immediately after you get the ticket. I get the ticket, pulled forward along the curve of the path, and I hear a horrible scrunching sound!!! OMG!!! At first I came out and didn't see anything except curb rash on my rims....MY BEAUTIFUL CSL REPLICAS!!! haha, but i figured no biggy, I had some other curb rash on it too and I was just going to fix it myself with the DIY posted on this forum.

A couple days later as i'm walking to my car, i first notice the jacking block underneath my car is hanging off!! Then i take a closer look, and the panel right underneath the passenger side has popped out a bit!!! AND THEN....oh my dear god......the entire bottom half which is kinda tucked in, completely scratched up and dented. Not small looks like the someone with a brick came up and scraped along the panel back and forth!!

Going to take it to Ottwerks on Harrison St. to see what they can do with it, unless someone has recommendations on a better body shop. I'm not sure whether they're going to have to replace the entired thing, or they can someone refinish it and bring it back to new. It is scratched up pretty back and dented in. I'll post up pictures don't worry.

Then the other day, got pulled over for front window tints. I have 17% all around. So my question is, how much is the fine for the first time getting caught with dark tints? Would it be cheaper to pay the fine, or take off the front tints and put on lighter ones....which I understand in CA, it can't be darker than 70%!!!

Ughh....bad month!!
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