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I had an 03 Toyota Tacoma i used to drive which was my parents and was just to drive around and they took care of all the paperwork like registration, insurance and such. well anyways registration was expired and i kept telling my dad about it. i pulled off on a freeway one day and well a CHP happened to be getting off.. Ok well he comes up to the window

"Sir do you know why i pulled you over?"
"Officer my Tags are expired i know"

well obviously he gives me a fix it ticket.

anyways fast forward a bit.. i show it to my dad because his original statement was he mailed in the tags a long time ago so its been paid.. anyways.. i give him the ticket since his car his responsibility... anyways he LOST the damn ticket and completely forgot about it.. so consider the ticket was in my name they temp suspended my license and put out a warrant for my arrest. God damn shit ended up costing $475.00 to clear my name and pay the full bail on the ticket.. and reinstate my license.

wats sad is the cops wont sign off anything without the original ticket which is super lame.
Was a freakin 10.00 ticket.. And my dads answer to all of this?

"You shouldnt have gotten pulled over!"

i was like wtf!!!
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