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Any ideas for 323i rims?

Hi everyone!

I have a 323i with Premium Pack and Sport Pack on order.

With the car likely arriving in January, I am thinking that I should have Winter tires on it before I drive it away... being in Canada and all.

I am considering a few things:
1. Could get winter tires put on the 323i sport rims (would the dealer trade me the summer tires for winter ones at no charge?) and buy a second set of rims (17-inch most likely but would consider 18) with sport tires on those. Dealer says he can give me a deal... what should I expect??
2. Could just get BMW steel rims and hub-caps with winter tires and keep SP rims/tires in the garage until summer.
3. Could get a second set of 16 inch BMW alloys with winter rubber.
4. Could get cheap-ass aftermarket alloys with winter rubber (I would rather stay with stock BMW gear, though)

What do you guys say to this??? I would love 17's, but would it be too expensive. Are Y or W rated tires expenisve for 18's... I know that Y-rated are $CDN180 per corner for 17*225 without install. With the 2.5 litre power plant, should I get 225 at all corners or am I stupid for not getting the 255 rears???

Thanks guys!