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Originally Posted by azzurribaggio View Post
So the douchebag CHP pulled me over yesterday for no front license plate...I first bought the car in 2006 and this is the first time I got stopped for it.
As I was waiting for him to write up the ticket, I point out 3 different cars at traffic lights which didn't have a front license plate, the douchebags looks and doesn't even say a word....DOUCHEBAG! What gives with these cops!
Well here is what I found out...those camera red light tickets are a very big revenue generator for the state, but if your car has no front license plate they cannot convict you.....soooooo step in these douche bags who start ticking people with no front license plate to reduce the amount of cars they need to let go because the red light camera catches their car without a front license plate!!!! Crazy huh....
Another product of our justice system giving us the works. You will never win an argument with a cop. The best thing to do is buy a tow hook plate, and put it on just to fix the the fix it ticket, and then take it off.

I haven't got one yet, and plan on makings little of a fuss as possible so as not to piss off the cop and have them ticket me overtime, because I will never comply with this law. If you are super cool with most cops they will remember that your were not a dick to them. The old saying killing them with kindness applies here.
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