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BMW Lease in Dec/Jan

My friend is looking into leasing a BMW in the very near future and I told him to head to the dealership to see but he wants to see what he can expect before he heads down there.

Hes planning on leasing a 2010 E90(E92 preferred though) 335i, AT with Sports Package. Definitely not a fully loaded car. Hes fine with a demo since it's just a lease(or should he STILL stay away from a demo?) and hes planning on only leasing it for a year(3yr term) or so since he wants the new 3er when it comes out but hes itching for a new car to drive now. What do you guys think and is it financially wise for him to do that or will he lose a crap load of money? And how hard is it to get someone to take over your lease? Approximately how much would his payments be, since I told him not to put anything down on a lease(is that true?) since he doesn't get it back and rather use that money on multiple security deposits.

What discounts can he expect off a 2010 model in December - February?

Thanks E90Post!