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Originally Posted by Belarus View Post
Dude, grow some skin on the forum if you can't take a criticism to your useless original post. If you call that being disrespectful to you, you need to do some growing up "kid".
hey bro... i don't know who you are but i'm sure I met you Saturday night... I know Mathu very well and he is not the type of guy that likes to start things... a word without tone can mean many things... i think the both of you are misunderstanding each other...

Mathu just wanted to point out that, it can be done without any $$ ........when and how is totally different...

and i'm sure you weren't trying to be disrespectful as i have seen that type of reply many times on the forums....

don't let your egos take over.. i'm waiting on Patryk myself for some coding.... at the same time, i'm trying to work with Mathu as well to do it ourselves..

After all.. like someone said on another thread, where is the fun if your going to let a professional do it? hahaha

the hamburger eating contest seems like a good idea to settle this once and for all..
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