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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
if BMW makes a single 3 series in FWD, then BMW is going downhill. They already have AWD for snow.

This is short-term profiit smart, long term brand stupid.
Relax, that's not happening. The only current model which may add a FWD version is the 1-series. It's been mentioned that there will be both RWD and FWD 1-series once this new FWD platform comes out.

If BMW retains RWD and great driving dynamics on all its current models while adding new FWD models, I don't see why this is a stupid long term brand move. They are rounding out their model lineup even further with different options to capture an even bigger demographic. Sure, the purists will lament that BMW will no longer a RWD only company, but then again purists rarely have to consider the bottom line or business growth.
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