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God dammit....... I'm buying a Mustang.

Imagine if Ford/Chevy/Dodge started selling FWD Mustangs/Camaros/Challengers........

Not only that, but these new car designs are FUGLY! BMW, get serious, this is some stupid shit.

I want to be proud of every BMW on the road, not just some of them.......

And really, a three-cylinder? I'm sure that has great mechanical balance! Hey guys, lets pay BMW prices for a Geo Metro that is trying to show off, sounds like a great idea!

If I wanted fuel economy, the Mini would not even be in question, even more so now with the great idea to give them even weaker engines and worse styling......

It's not like the Mini will be able to compete with a Prius, unless it goes diesel, a turbo-diesel I4 in a Mini would be much better than a gas turbo 3 IMO.....

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