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iTrader: (18) is the update:

Some general questions that were asked earlier:

CIC= the latest Navigation system which was introduced in September 2008.

The "Minimum" coding fee is $100 meaning that if a person wants 1 option, it will cost them $100. If you get more options, the price may remain the same.

For those that asked me for a quote, please see below:

Desi4life: $150 (3 Feature)
Roman_S: $100 (1 feature)
335isGuy: $200 (4 features)
Rome: $100 (1 Feature)
yooooooo: $150 (2 features)

If you need to reactivate the features (same feature, same vin), he can do it for 50% off the price you initially paid for. Price in USD excluding shipping.

I could try to bring the price down, but for now I am going to put a hold on this and try something different. Let me know what you guys think.