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Very helpful post! One thing that I found was that I was having a lot of trouble getting the pin of the selector rod into the hole/bearing at the base of the SSK lever while I was seated in the car...I would get it seated in the hole, but no matter what I tried, I couldn't push it through (I even managed to bend back the metal of the trans tunnel a tiny bit with the screwdriver while trying to get the pin through the hole.

With the selector rod pin still seated at the tip of the SSK hole/bearing, I went back under the car with a set of long needle nose pliers, and pinched the selector rod and SSK together...and it worked like a charm! If I had to do it all over again, I would've gone straight for underneath the car, as I was able to easily see where the two lined up, was able to modulate the selector rod very easily with the long needle nose pliers, and I was able to guide it right in without any fishing or forcing.

Just my .02 to make the install that much easier...and it's not like getting back under the car adds any extra effort, considering you have to get under the car to add the circlip anyway.