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The base Stereo system is similar in most countries, it seems.

That one-speaker system has been seen in the EU as well.

The signal out should be the one described here, I bet:

So you either need to recode the HU to Hi-Fi mode, converting the HU outputs to a lower voltage and turning off the internal processing, or you need an external speaker-level-input reversing processor.

Basically, you need a processor like an Audison BitOne or a RF 360.2 or a JL CleanSweep or a JBL MS-8 - or you need a manual DSP device and an installer who's really skilled and has great test gear.

We use Zapco DC amplifiers a lot. The MS-8 probably isn't available in HK yet, but a lot of people use those, add a center channel.

If you recode it to HiFi mode, buy the missing tweeter flanges, then you're set.
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