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Cool A closer look at the N55 (a tear down)

Featured on E90POST HOMEPAGE.

Speedracernyc was more than gracious enough to allow me to take his car apart for some R&D for you guys. He was here no longer than a week ago with his brand new 2011 E92 335xi getting wheels, H&R coilovers and HID foglights.

While it was here I also did the golf-tee mod to it, and was able to drive it for myself for the first time to see what it was like. Overall first impressions weren't that great....turbo lag like crazy, it revs on its own and hangs up there forever, and just felt less responsive and slower than the N54. It does however have a hint of Toyota Supra coming out the tailpipe, and its absolutley invigorating to think what its going to sound like fully uncorked next month

Then again my butt has been adjusted to various Procede/JB3/GIAC/turbo upgrades, so who knows, maybe my senses are a little spoiled..

I was eager to crack into this thing, being the fact that I wanted to jump on this engine while it was still new, and lend a hand to the community by doing some research that will benefit the new guys in the long run, and hopefully get them up to speed with the rest of us old timers that are 3 years ahead

Last Monday while reading through the N55 mod thread and not finding much, I made a phone call to Andrew over at AR Design. Not wanting to suffer the same fate as the Riss Racing camp, I went straight to the top and inquired. After some discussion, it was arranged to have speedracer bring his car down to tear it apart and see just how much different it is compared to the N54 owners and see exactly what we can do with it.

I will say that it should take very little to get this engine up to the average of most N54 owners with bolt ons...the turbo looks capable of 15+psi, the turbine wheel is a lot more aggressive than the tiny little pinwheels on the N54...the downpipe being probably the most restrictive part of the group. Keep in mind that before, you had 2 of these sized flanges bolted to the N54 the entire engine breathes through only one, and its a lot more restrictive than ever before. 02 sensors have been halved from 4 to 2...makes it a bit easier on the wrenching.

Next month we will have some more in depth results. First thing in september is a call to Vanguard for an exhaust system, and to have the 'xi mod' performed in might be a little expensive but it gives the XI or X-drive owners some variety in exhaust systems and puts it overall priced competitively with AE and a few others.

I will be visiting EPL in CT next month as well to dyno Ultimateendz 'unsuspecting E93' finally to get the results of the turbo upgrades. Since their mustang dyno is AWD and more accurate with real world numbers, I will be bringing the N55 along to see just what it makes with full exhaust, downpipe and a tune. This car currently doesnt have a tune yet and whatever one he goes with will obviously need an 02 sim set in place. Any of you guys (Mike and Shiv) want to offer something up to see what we can do with it? I will NOT tolerate any of the fanboys in here jacking this thread with a pissing contest and will have the mods act accordingly.

And now for some pics
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