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I had a short trip around the upper engine bay while i was waiting for the car to cool down. I pulled the airbox out completely to look at the intake setup, and i didnt see any vacuum lines at all. I might not have looked hard enough though, i can always get him back into the shop to have another look.

From what it looks like, the diverter valve charge pipe will drop right in from an n54, but some clearance issues with the bottom of the airbox might get in the way, and i wonder how the engine would fare since from what i was reading from army335xi, the diverter is built onto the compressor of the turbo and operated electronically. If there was a way to disable that and find a vacuum source off the manifold without throwing the check engine light, Forge and the other makers of the diverters would now have a whole new batch of customers.

Not to mention that with the new MAF based sensor, dumping the boost charge to atmosphere will almost certainly cause an over rich condition...that and there is no place to recirculate them either.