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Originally Posted by Matt@Camber-Toe View Post
as soon as someone feels like laying their car up for a month to have a turbo made LOL.
I definitely would've given my car up if I knew this was being done, since I was in Queens for over a month!! But my vacation is up and I'm back in FL.

Its a new platform..until we get to the stages of the V4/JB3 2.0 its going to be tough to control boost and take full advantage of it. Heck intercooler options are somewhat limited, Id say lets stick to the bolt ons first and see where it takes us.
Well I'm looking forward to see what goodies come out for this motor

Matt, I don't mean to be o/t, but what aftermarket intercoolers can work with the N55 currently? I'm desperately looking for one because of the ridiculously hot temps here in south FL.

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