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90% of the time, when you take it to court, you end up getting off easy cuz the prosecutor gives you an option to avoid wasting time for an actual trial. Most of the time, that option is something minicule compared to the actual ticket...

AND if the cop doesn't show up, even better... just take it to court and set a trial date... don't waste your money on lawyers.. this ain't as serious. i'm sure you can think of many reasons to argue over an electronic device.

"camera device lag" ,
"road had bumps which was unsafe to slam the brakes"
"big truck in front of me where i couldn't see the lights and by the time i saw it, it was too late to hit the brakes"
"i used my judgement to make the safest option for both my passengers and myself... car had a load in the trunk, couldn't stop in time as i would've ended up in the middle of hte intersection"
"i was only going at (10 below the limit), so while crossing the intersection, it took longer"

sooo much shit you can say... don't worry...
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