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I received one of these tickets in the mail couple months back and had my fine reduced significantly. Ticket fighters will not fight these for you as there is no prove of who was driving the vehicle. I was told by Pointss that it is next to impossible to fight these camera tickets, and no points will be deducted anyway, so might as well suck it up and move on.

Go into the traffic violations department of the court on an early morning before the due date printed on the ticket. Dress nice and tidy to court. IIRC there are three options on the ticket and you have to choose "plead guilty with an explaination". Tell reception that you would like to discuss about the red light infraction ticket that you've got and they'll schedule you to meet with a Justice of Peace/Prosecutor in the same morning. Then you wait in the traffic violations waiting area until the clerk calls your name to go upstairs in meeting the JP. You get to meet the JP in a room. Show your remorse and be nice to the JP, valid reasons (e.g. being a student) would also help the JP to use his discretion to lower the fine and extend the payment deadline.

Good luck!