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Originally Posted by headlee103 View Post
Of course it was depressing to watch if you were cheering for BJ the whole time, cause he had no chance. (I have said many times that I am a big fan of BJ, so Im not tryin to bash him.) I hardly think it was a boring fight though! It makes it difficult to hit someone when they are moving as much as Edgar was, again this is where wrestling comes into play. The boxers are gonna stand there and mythotically punch, while edgar moves and moves to create angles. And even if BJ did try to take it to the ground, you saw what happened when he got his one and only takedown... it took Edgar like 15 seconds to reverse him.

If you are expecting to see a KO or submission every time the fight starts you should just go watch re runs of the first 10 UFC's or head out to the back alley to watch a street fight. Of course they are exciting to see, but these guys are getting better and better raising the bar for every person that thinks they can become a threat. Im not really tryin to bash anyone, I just think we are getting past the days where everyone just goes out swingin for the fence. I agree that there are some boring fights, but seeing fights end in a decision isnt always a bad thing.
I guess it's just personal opinion then.. I'd prefer to see a fight "finished" any day over leaving it to the judges. Hense I'm not a fan of fighters that merely fight for "points".

What did you think of the Rashad vs Rampage fight? When I watch fights like that I get the perception that one fighter is afraid to engage the other. Dancing all over the octagon. It looked like Rampage was ready to throw down and Rashad kept running circles around him just to win with a few takedowns.

I'll give Edgar the benefit of the doubt in that if he did have knock-out power, he would have had a good chance of KO'ing BJ since he did land a lot of solid punches. If you look at his record it's almost all decisions. He was definitely too quick for BJ. And that one HUGE takedown shocked the world I'm sure.

And you're right, I do enjoy watching old UFC and Pride fights. So much more entertaining imho. I respect fighters like Machida, Rashad, etc., but would much more prefer to watch someone like Shogun do damage. I loved how Chael Sonnen took it to Anderson Silva. Now that was a fun fight to watch!
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