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Originally Posted by BavFan_08 View Post
I agree with you - however it also depends on your financial situation and what you really want.

Just my 2 cents:

Some people say leasing is a waste of time...well if you want a 335i and you dont want to worry about re-selling it later (when the warranty is expired) leasing may be the right thing to'll save a lot of time - you just have to make sure your car is up to par when returning.

Sure you're paying the depreciation (when you lease), but you probably paid some depreciation anyways when you re-sell your purchased car...

remember your car will not sell quickly if it has a history of true or potential issues. Especially if the warranty has run out! A smart person would go CPO...instead of private sale.
With leasing your costs are all fixed for the term of your lease. Easy way to get in and out of cars regularly if thats your thing.