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I'm not sure why you pasted "War and Peace" in here, but:

1) You can use 2 or 4 ohm. You get a little more power with 2 ohm, but...25 watts? 33%? Won't be noticeably louder. Be a little tighter.

2) EQ 8" are not the best midbass in the world, as has been noted by many. I sell them, but I would probably use a different underseat if you have a 10" in the trunk and no equalizer to massage the SWS's output.

3) You want to bandpass them if you can, and the JL doesn't have that ability with its internal xovers

4) Personally, I'd run 4 ohm and then run the 10 bridged. If you run the 10" bridged AND the 8" at 2 oh, I'd personally be thinking that power supply would be running near redline (so to speak). Probably wouldn't hurt anything, but you wouldn't be getting a ton of extra power, either.
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