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Originally Posted by wrickem View Post
Check this thread out.......

It has the parts that they actually changed in mine to make the CEL stop coming on. As far as I am concerned, if the CEL comes on and they don't change a part, no matter how small or stupid, it's coming back on.

Good luck
Thanks! That was helpful and interesting to read. They did replace the part on 3 separate occasions and with 3 different parts (apparently). First they replaced the valve with a 2010 one, then one from another 2011 on their lot, then ordered one from Germany and tried that. The SES light just kept coming back on. They also did 2-3 "reprogrammings" but that never did anything either.

We're getting to the stage where I am about to get another vehicle or get a refund (due to my state's Lemon law) and I just don't have the warm fuzzy feeling about the 2011 335i xdrive that I did before, especially considering the SES light in my loaner came on too! Very strange.