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When you say "dropped," how low did you go?

Because, without camber plates and camber arms (CAN the E9X even use camber arms? Does anyone design them?), factory eccentric camber bolts in the rear only has a limited range of adjustment. Like maybe up to 1/2 degree one way or another. And as you lower the car, it increases negative camber. It may be entirely possible that you have "dropped" your car too low for the eccentric bolts to be able to compensate for the additional negative camber that resulted from lowering the car. Same goes for the front, there is only so much adjustment you can get out of factory camber. The front has even less range than the rear, but since the front typically starts out from the factory with much less negative camber than the rear, after "slamming" the suspension you're now only within the upper range of camber adjustability.