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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
I suppose a good pump would not need the priming run in theory, so this priming run is probably there to mask poor or early stage failing pumps?
I think thats exactly what it is, having seen all the global posts and now having had it done myself.

The pump I have seen in pieces.
Its like a hydraulic piston pump, a few axial pistons with a swash plate.
If they wear even by hiundreds of microns then they probably dry start from loss of prime.
Contaminents of strange additives in the fuel are not something you would wish for either.

So, IMO only, lots of stop/starts especially with a gap between them is about as bad as it gets for a pump like this.
Of course, once its already worn, theres no going back and wear will acelerate rapidly.
The software should have been a recall, it might have saved a few pump lives

As an Engineer, one has to think that ethanol and water in fuel are not a great combination with high precision pumps like this.