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Originally Posted by smallseafishie View Post
I think the 06/07/08 bmw nav sucks like wet smelly monkey balls.

I hate how you get to your destination and it doesn't say whether it's on the left of right. Another thing I hate is that you can't just do a general name search of a place without picking a category.

Maybe the new LCI idrives are better...
I have an 08 and found the same to be true. The name search should be much better. The other thing that I hate is when moving the cursor on the map. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to exit it without starting over.
Also, voice recognition does not work at all for me. I can use a dictation app on my iPhone and it gets 95% of the words correct, but my Navi does not appear to understand me at all.

Our other car is a 04 Acura MDX and it's Navigation/Voice recognition is much easier to use.

The lease on my 08 is up soon, and I'm wondering if these problems are fixed on the new and impoved iDrive?