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Originally Posted by stormin norman View Post
Its 8 buttons on the centre console near the cd dive. Its new on week 10 build models of the coupe models and all cabro's. It will also be in the newly launched 5 series facelift. The idea is you programe the buttons to any i-drive setting of your choice. ie. you may programme button one so that on a single press it will put on a radio station of your choice, likewise you can programme button two to automatically switch to sat nav and your 'home' setting, button three could be sat nav 'work', while if you have bluetooth button 4 could dial up a telephone no. of your choice..etc etc
It basically means a lot of pre-programming but once done is designed to access your own 8 most commonly used i-drive options/functions by pressing one button.........that's what the salesman said!
Do you know if this is an option that is going to be fitted to the E90/91 ?