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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
i guess it wasnt made very clear.

1. Undo the 2 inside clips of the rear fog button Faceplate.


2. Bend off the 4 tabs on the faceplate, when in your hand. These four tabs are not connected by any means to the actual light switch unit, it is only 4 small protrusions on the faceplate preventing it from going inward, but not actually holding it in place. The two interior clips is what holds both the front fog light button and rear fog light button. once u take off the faceplate, and remove the four tabs, then slide it back in. It now slides on its track like the top button.

3. Obtain/Fabricate an extra "white" piece.

Dont saw off the 4 tabs when the faceplate is still attached to the unit, thats just a pain in the ass and i quickly dismissed that possibility when i was figuring out the proper way to go about this DIY.

i did this today, getting those two small clips at the same time was one HUGE PITA everytime i would unclip one and move to the other the first would clip back in

i threw the screwdriver across the room twice

i cut the dowel i was using a little too short so i stuffed some paper towels in their, ill probably have to open it up again in the future once they compact a bit

cant wait to blind some soccer moms in their minivans