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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
But it only seems to do it if I try to start it very early into the priming run.

I suppose a good pump would not need the priming run in theory, so this priming run is probably there to mask poor or early stage failing pumps?

This will be a real PITA, no way I can take all this time off work to piss about at the dealers. As I've been banned for 2 weeks 4.5 years ago they won't give me a courtesy car either, so that's another PITA.

Did you have the newest pump fitted? i.e. post 12/09 (item 1 ending 953 below)

Hi Mike,

If your car wasn't doing this before then there is a problem! My 335i was built around the same time as yours and i started experiencing problems with longer than usual cranks shortly before i sold it........i took it in to the delearship and they kept it in overnight and tested it in the codes but they said this was a known problem with the car and as a 'safety measure' they would change the fuel pump and they also changed another pump as well (not sure what it was as my german is not that good)
Don't mess around with the dealer - tell them the car has only just started doing this and it is a known fault with the n54 (they will know this anyway) - tell them you want it replaced as if the car's pump decides to 'die' on the motorway at 70 mph this could be extremely dangerous etc etc - if you push them they will change the pump without any codes i guarantee it - at the end of the day this is a safety issue - i realise you are not 100% sure if it is the HPFP but i will be shocked if it isn't. I realise the hastle of the courtesy car and work etc but that at least you can arrange a date of your choosing for the car to get the work done as opposed to having the car break down god knows where or when.....get them to fit a new pump.
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