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Originally Posted by HERR FSTIR View Post
Yeah, I think on my next attempt I will start by dropping the subframe, and see if that gets me enough room to remove the stock pipes without touching the axle.

Pulling the CV and bearing pedestal made it easier to access to the DPs and O2 sensors, but it would be nice to avoid that altogether.

Any tips on dropping the subframe would be appreciated. Doesn't look very complicated: slightly elevate engine with cherry picker to unload subframe, pull the six fasteners and lower it down on jacks.

The TIS indicates the steering column needs to be disconnected from the rack, but I'm hoping there is enough play in it to avoid doing so.
You don't need to disconnect the rack. Unbolt the engine mounts from the bottom and the subframe will hang there supported by the suspension. Put a Jack under each side of the subframe, pull the 6 bolts and then slowly lower the subframe. Then unbolt the passenger side engine mount completely. No pulling axles or bearings or any of that stuff.

This is usually the easiest way to do it. It will take another person to assist you in this.

Where are you located?