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so my friends 2010 335i

so yesterday night we were about to stop on a red light coming back from a party ... so this 328i e90 was already ahead of us . so we stop next to each other and my friend decides to rev the engine and be cool and the 328i starts reving and dayum that 328 was LOUDD.. my friends 335i is stock and we knew we could beat a 328i like it was common sense but boy we were wrong.
this 328i SMOKES us sounded like he had a turbo.. im saying that car was loud and fixed up like no other.
i swear i wouldn't lie about this
like i just wanna know is there a turbo for the 328i ?
or any mods to make a 328i beat a 335i?
cuz yesterday was crazy and unbelievable
like dayum that car was crazy