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Originally Posted by Dr Dave View Post
2006 330d auto - 60,000 miles - 31mpg and that aint driving it with a heavy foot.

God knows how some of you are getting 40+MPG!
I assume you don't get to do many easy runs?

One example to show what these cars can do. Again 2006 model (E91 330d auto), so no ED features.

I tried a light drive home from Wltshire. Filled at Wootton Bassett with Shell Diesel and as conditions were still, about 10-degrees C, ideal to get a good daytime baseline result, 2 of us and a full boot. Was recording 45.5mpg when I joined the M5, set the CC at legal limit (75/76mph on the clock) and tried to keep to a smooth drive, no hard acceleration. As we joined the M6, 47mpg clicked over. I kept to the same regime wherever possible and I held 47mpg average for over 200 miles until north of Lancaster. Stopped at Tebay with 46.3mpg on the OBC.

We hit high winds in the borders and that bit into the mpg. Could see the swingometer dropping to 30/35 even on the flat whereas it had been 50 ish in the still conditions.

At Cumbernauld when I topped up to find the real consumption, was reading 44.8mpg for 374 miles. Brimmed figure was 44.94. So the 47mpg was pretty much spot on for an easy 70mph cruise. Not bad for a 330d auto touring.

Steady cruising and legal speeds do return good results.