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Originally Posted by brocklanders View Post
bmw owners are a tough bunch, im partial to the wheels because i have the same ones. but am thinking im going to have them painted silver down the road when i get my body work done. its funny allot of these same people will use wheels that are made in china and replace the center caps with bmw or even bbs, but breytons get no love.
I'll try to explain the mentality for you. If we're paying 300 dollars for a set of wheels, then we expect 300 dollars worth of wheels...etc...If we're paying 1.5k dollars for a set of wheels, we expect 1.5k worth of wheels...etc...

So, taking that mentality toward tuners: We hold them to a higher standard, since we're paying them to come up with a package that is visually captivating, not something that ANYONE could throw together and call it a package, and especially if they could throw it together with a lower price tag...