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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
It's a track pad. Who cares if it vibrates? It's going to make god-aweful noises anyway.

I've seen guys take the 3 prong clip out on their track pads just so they can swap them inside out to even out wear and extend the life of the pad just a little (they're expensive afterall). In fact, some Colbalts don't even come with the 3 prong clip.

You'll be fine unless you intend to drive on the street a lot with these pads which wouldn't be advisable. Track pads eat rotors up when cold (and have relatively little bit).
thanks for the feedback. Indeed, I don't care about noise at the track (and these would be dedicated track pads) but I do care about stability. The vibration comment was meant towards vibration that would resonate through the wheel/driver seat (front or rear pads respectively) and distract me in braking zones, I'd rather focus on the course. I think I'll get a HT-10 set as my primary and a DTC-60+rotor set for "tests" and take it from there. thanks again.