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Originally Posted by Chi-town330 View Post
GREAT! this is just another bug we can use to get them to install V25. to those that haven't read about this on the other posts - V25 supposedly has several improvements, added functionality (POI by name), faster, and resolves a few bugs.

another bug is the pop up arrow display feature when Nav is enabled and arrow display is not selected.

I talked to my local dealer earlier this week, quoted the arrow pop-up bug, and they said they would load the new SW for me....but they won't have it until next week.

I have just got my 335d coupe back from the dealer after upgrading to Progman v25. Good news! All things are working as before; Bluetooth, Ipod etc. The graphical interface improvements alone are forth the upgrade. The graphic are clearer especially the map displays. The whole Idrive feels significantly faster then before. What is even more interesting is that when I asked them what mudles needed updating the answer was "All of it"; the auto gearbox mapping, engine ECU etc. It will be few days before I will be able to figure out if there are any improvements regarding the gear box and engine management. I expect so, otherwise why it needed the upgrade?!

All in all, go for it if you can make your dealer doing it on the warranty, as mine did. The problem reported to the dealer was; very slow Idrive start/boot up when cold, loss of the arrow and voice guidance when map is displayed in the small window on the right. They said yeh we know it and we will do warranty Progman v25 upgrade.

So, good luck to you all, and keep on complaining enough so they will do it on the warranty (as they should)
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