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Originally Posted by fidozoom View Post
Post some pictures please!

Also this whole ECU remapping is scaring me - is there any truth to the rumors that BMW deliberately limits the power output with these updates? With the M3 coming out soon, I am quite scared they might actually do this
Will do some pix when I have sometime. You can, however, search the forum for the pix as there were some already posted.

As far as the "BMW limiting power" with the Progman updates, I really do not think so. My previous BMW was 535d, and every time I got software updates the car got faster and the gear changes (automatic) where faster!
Besides, they can not legally do that. It would, at least in UK, brake Trade Description Act in big way. The car has to have a minimum of advertised specs, and that include the power, torque etc., it can have more but not less. Some lucky ones may have more power from the start, but never less. Nothing, legally, stops BMW to improve the specs however and that is what I'm eager to find out in next few days by "driving it as I stole it"
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