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Some more info I dredged up:-

"The BMW online package, by the way, is pretty cool. It demands a BMW E65
with navi system and mobile phone (most buyers will order these options)
and it costs additional 900 Euros. With the online package you have
certain services at hand. Some examples:

1. Outlook synch: In addition to your car you get an own e-mail address
and a web interface. At home or in the office, you can sync your outlook
contacts, schedule and tasks with this web interfache. This makes the
data available to your car. So you have access to all contacts listed in
your outlook. One iDrive action lets the navi system direct you to an
outlok contact adress, or you can phone him.

Once you have set up the system, it will identify you over your key, so
that you do not have to enter a password every morning. Should you happen
to drive in another BMW E65 (rental car, repair shop loaner, fleet car
etc.) you just have to insert your personal password, and this E65
becomes your personal E65, it automatically synchs all the stored data,
which you usually have at hand in your own car.

2. Parking lot finder: Every parking building in any major city in
germany is listed in a database. Many of them are controlled by an
electronic parking guide system. BMW online gives you access to this
system, where available. So if you plan to visit the dome of Regensburg,
a map shows you all parking facilities in the area of your destination,
it shows you their full capacity, the unused space and the tendency (is
the facility getting fuller or more empty at the moment?). Once you have
chosen one of the facilities, the system retrieves an up-to-date traffic
report, calculates the fastest route ot get there and even shows you a
picture of the entrance of the parking facility to make it easier for you
to find the righ way.

3. Drugstore on duty finder: Many drugs and medicines in germany are sold
only in special drugstores. These drugstores usually close at 6.30 pm,
but some of them have open all night long. Usually, if you urgently need
a drugstore in the night, you have to search for the nearest drugstore
and look at a list at its door, where you can find the address of the
nearest drugstore on duty now. The BMW online system retrieves this info
from an online database within seconds. The map shows you all drugstores
on duty around your current position. You can choose one and the navi
will lead you the way. One iDrive action establishes a phone connection
to that particular drugstore, so that you can ask if they have the
desired medicine.

Of course you can read and send e-mails, check your stocks (if you have
got any) and many other things. I tested BMW online some two years ago,
so I do not know, how many new services they have established since then.
But I found this device pretty cool. It is something you will hardly find
in another automobile. However: I do not know if (and how) they sell this
system outsides Germany. "