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Diesel Engines

Okay, So I've been happily driving my 320d for almost 5 months now, and since the new car "whoopies" are wearing off, me and my car are getting better aquainted.

I've spent alot of tonight reading a FAQ on TDI's which speaks mainly of VW TDI's using direct injection. My car uses common rail technology if I understand correctly...

the TDI FAQ also mentions that diesel engines don't have spark plugs? That's rather interesting...

Can any diesel heads shed some light on the diesel engine, or point me towards a website that does? (Particularly BMW's and not VW's)

Out of interest, the site I am reading is


Another interesting point the site mentions... Diesels engines do NOT heat up if left to idle.... who knew? Is this true for the BMW?

I want to know more about my car...