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Some have reported 30 seconds to a minute of freeze time after starting the car. For example, selecting entertainment after start up causes the screen to hang for substantial time. My guess is this is what is meant by slow response to inputs. Just 5 seconds of waiting for a screen probably wont cause a need for the upgrade even though 5 seconds feels like an eternity when driving. It never hurts to ask your dealer. They will probably ask you to come in to take a look at the slow screens first hand.
When we have such a case, we usually will rewrite the boot file for the I drive. Sometimes it goes corrupt and locks up, or in some cases never comes on again. Usually a 30-45 minute re-write of the boot file cures the issue.

And to all of you out there that think when we program your car we have access or a rule saying we have to restrict your car, thats BS. If the module needs the latest update as specified by the SSS, then it gets it. We don't know whats actually IN that update usually (unless its mentioned on the Service Roundtable, or up as a bulletin), so if something does happen, its not the dealers fault...its the BMW guys from high above.
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