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Originally Posted by PresaMat View Post
I posted this question on the vishnu support forum too. For the people with procede/xede should we remove the unit before the upgrade? Do they do the upgrade from the port within the car? Will it affect the procede? Thanks!
Port within the car? As opposed to what? Do we have a port for hooking up
a computer to the OBC outside of the car?

Disclaimer: haven't read on how procede/xede works since it wasn't applicable
to my 330 so don't flame me on the following if it's not correct.

My personal take on this, is that they are flashing the ECU with new sw given
the list of fixes, so on procede/xede equipped cars, they may find out that it's
there or they may encounter problems. I doubt that it will be a transparent
upgrade but who knows...maybe I am wrong.