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Nail in sidewalll.....overall question with RFT

So, I got a nail in my passenger rear tire in sidewall. From reading around, it seems that's a bad thing. I have continued to drive around on it for about a month or so (<500 mile) but I think it's time to replace the tire. The tire is the 255/35/18 Bridgestone OE tire.

My questions:

1) Do I HAVE to replace the tire with another RFT?
2) The tread is pretty low on all four tires so should I pay $365 for one rear (from tirerack) or $290 (for a PS2) with the road hazard?
3) Will the tire pressure monitoring system still work if the tire isn't a RFT?
4) Can I have different tires on the back versus the front?

One freaking tire is going to make me spend a pretty penny for tires....