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Originally Posted by njmania25 View Post
So, I got a nail in my passenger rear tire in sidewall. From reading around, it seems that's a bad thing. I have continued to drive around on it for about a month or so (<500 mile) but I think it's time to replace the tire. The tire is the 255/35/18 Bridgestone OE tire.

My questions:

1) Do I HAVE to replace the tire with another RFT?
2) The tread is pretty low on all four tires so should I pay $365 for one rear (from tirerack) or $290 (for a PS2) with the road hazard?
3) Will the tire pressure monitoring system still work if the tire isn't a RFT?
4) Can I have different tires on the back versus the front?

One freaking tire is going to make me spend a pretty penny for tires....

1. You can replace them with whatever you want, but as a rule all 4 tires should be the same. If you want to be cheap, you may only get 2.

2. You should buy 4 new tires. OEM tires for 4 are about $700. Get the road hazard regardless.

3. Yes it will, it's a sensor that is installed on the rim.

4. Sure you can, but it's not generally recommended. You should always try to match the brand and type.

5. You say your tires are balding anyway, so I don't know why you'd be upset that this is a bad thing. New tires are a good thing. Certainly some hurt in your wallet, but less hurt than keeping your car on the road and stopped in its tracks when you need it.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, people cheap out on tires. YOUR TIRES ARE THE ONLY CONTACT YOU HAVE WITH THE ROAD! Your car is only as good as the tires you buy - and you get what you pay for.

IF you're going to be cheap:
1. 2 new tires. Match them to the brand of the old ones. Put the new tires on the rear wheels.

Why the rear wheels? Because oversteer is more dangerous than understeer, so you will want the new tires on the back.

2. Try your luck at non RFT. You don't NEED runflats. You'll actually get better performance without them. You won't have the security of being able to drive anyplace if you DO get a flat though. Then again AAA, or BMW roadside assist should help you out there.

Good luck with your purchase.